WhiteBean can offer you a full branded identity and then develop it into a website, business card or brochure etc, tailored specifically for your needs.

designs tailored for you

From the start all sites that WhiteBean build are search optimised through the use of a good, effective website structure. Website solutions can vary from simple functional XHTML/CSS sites, to more Interactive Flash animated sites. If you need to manage the site yourself and make frequent changes to text or images, a simple content management system, such as Perch can be integrated.

I can sort out the registering and hosting of your site too. With fees from less than £30 a year, getting your website live needn't cost you the earth.

Online marketing can then be expanded upon with the use of Blogs, Facebook pages, email newsletters, banner advertising, Google keywords and the use of landing pages for specific targeted campaigns. I have a wealth of experience of working on many marketing campaigns and so have a good understanding of what goes into creating adverts that stand out from the crowd.

Above all WhiteBean's aim is to work with you to give you the solution you need, working with you every step of the way.


Whitebeans prices are kept low, by keeping overheads low. By not being a big agency with large offices and Art directors to pay I am able to offer extremely competitive rates and I will always try to match any budget required. For example, if you already have an established brand, but require a website, a simple site of a few pages can be built for less than £300. Designing anything for the client is always a two-way process. You will always be kept up to date and in complete control of the finished product and the overall costs. Want to get your site online? Contact me for a quick quote.